ACTES’ know-how in the field of planning is based on more than 25 years of experience.

ACTES provides all planning services necessary for the realisation of a project. Because requirements are specific to customers, sectors, and countries, a comprehensive understanding of the required services is essential.

A prerequisite for successful planning is the sound preparation of the planning process. During our processing of the various work packages, the continuous co-ordination of the needs of the client with the interdisciplinary interfaces is of utmost importance. High quality planning is ensured by interdisciplinary project reviews made at important milestones over the course of the project.
The planning services provided by ACTES include: indexEN.php?ID=131 indexEN.php?ID=132 indexEN.php?ID=133 indexEN.php?ID=134 indexEN.php?ID=135 indexEN.php?ID=136 indexEN.php?ID=137

• Formulation of goals
• Elaboration of guidelines
• Selection of location
• Preliminary design
• Draft design
• Permission application
• Execution planning
• Time management and scheduling

Furthermore, ACTES supports its clients with all complementary services necessary, e.g. securing the required authorisations for operation, etc.