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Last Update: 28.02.2020


In the course of planning, realisation, implementation, and commissioning, as well as during the operating stage, ACTES supports its clients with concurrent monitoring services.

Emphasis is on the supervision of the services of the contractors, cost control, and the fulfilment of requirements according to schedule. ACTES also monitors the status and the processing of official proceedings with the authorities (e.g. applications, licensing, etc.). By means of a target-performance comparison, the client gains a clear overall view of the respective service provided. In case of deviations, ACTES points out possible countermeasures and suggests specific improvements.

ACTES‘ integrated improvement system enables the systematic evaluation of feedback at each stage of the project. All relevant conclusions are taken into account during the respective planning and management processes.

The services provided by ACTES in the area of concurrent monitoring include:

Safeguarding the quality of services
Preparation and co-ordination of test routines for
quality, function, and performance
Preparation of commissioning procedures
Supervision of audits and commissioning procedures
Supervision and co-ordination of trial operations and acceptance of the deliveries
Acceptance tests and related certificates
Monitoring of cost
Monitoring of progress
Compilation of operating and service manuals
Staff training
Technical advice after commissioning (e.g. with respect to routine operation)

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