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Last Update: 04.10.2023


Our Vision

The creation of a community of highly qualified experts from various countries and disciplines, who can provide our clients around the world with top class engineering, as well as economically sound, one-stop solutions for their projects and tasks.

Our Mission

To employ the intellect, creativity and experience of all experts at ACTES, so that lasting answers can be found to the essential questions of today’s world, making it a better place for living together tomorrow.

Integration of knowledge and systems as a basis for individual and economic development
Improvement of personal safety and protection of the general public
Application of technology to raise and ensure the living standard
International co-operation and organisation as an expression of human civilisation

Our Philosophy

The complex relationships within our world call for the renunciation of easy answers to isolated problems. ACTES offers its clients an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, built upon the support and experience of experts. At the same time, we seek to uphold the courage and flexibility necessary for individual solutions.

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