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Last Update: 01.07.2024


ACTES provides consulting, planning, inspection and supervision services. We strive to deliver high quality solutions to our clients’ special needs.
In order that we may best fulfil our clients’ expectations, ACTES’ provision of services is characterised by the comprehensive application of all our resources throughout the conception, development, planning, procurement and distribution phases. Consequently, our quality standard is based upon the following framework:

• Client expectations
• Cost/Benefit ratio
• Technical/Economical optimisation
• Operational safety in the planning documents
• Documentation and traceability of each individual step throughout the entire project
• Responsibility for the environment

In addition, ACTES operates in full accordance with a quality management system (QMS), which integrates all resources and business processes. The individual elements of the QMS are collected according to the process-oriented EN ISO 9001 standard and are developed further with respect to the specific office situation.

For its own QMS, ACTES implements a QM manual, various instructions regarding procedure and methods of work, check lists, forms, and prototypes. Levels of quality achieved are subsequently recorded and analysed. Organisation and methods of quality management are maintained through audits and reviews, which take place on a regular basis, particularly since quality as a whole is determined by the personal performance of each staff member.
Above all, ACTES strives to live true to its policy of providing services of the highest quality, and in turn inspiring our clients’ confidence in our continual, mutual co-operation.

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