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Last Update: 13.04.2023


„In some ways, technical systems are similar to the sorcerers and wizards of fairy tales. They will satisfy your wishes, but they won’t tell you what to wish.“
[Freely cited according to Norbert Wiener (1894 – 1964), mathematician and founder of cybernetics]

ACTES supplies technical consulting services on both national and international levels, providing economically sound solutions to technical problems. We are a privately-owned enterprise, free from the influence of manufacturers or producers, and consider ourselves bound only to the interests of our clients.

ACTES strives for the highest degree of customer satisfaction in the provision of engineering services in its areas of expertise. Above all, state of the art structuring of complex problems is taken into constant consideration, while further emphasis is placed on quality management.
Years of experience and the continuing education of our staff guarantee a maximum level of problem-solving skills and the realisation of projects through the use of the latest technologies.
Our approach to cost assessment takes the relationship between investment and operating costs into special consideration, thus optimising total expenses. Consequently, we pay particular attention to the costs which accrue over the entire life cycle of a project, calculated as the sum of construction, maintenance and operating costs.

ACTES’ staff has many years of experience in providing engineering services and supervision to major regional and supra-regional projects, both at home and abroad. At the same time, we are equally successful at designing customised solutions for single operators. ACTES’ staff is also open to collaborating in a consortium with other companies, should this be required by the respective task.

Maintaining high technological and organisatorial standards, ACTES guarantees well-engineered solutions and optimal co-ordination in the provision of its services. The world-wide experience of ACTES’ staff in all of its fields of activity creates a sound base for the successful implementation of future projects.

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